Workflow Without Boundaries

Nintex Connectors Support Cross Product Workflow

Cross-Product Workflow

You rarely find everything necessary for a process in one place. People work outside the organization, and content lives in other organizations, content stores, cloud services, and line of business apps. You need workflow solutions that span boundaries.

Nintex Connectors Support Drag and Drop

Drag-and-Drop Connectors

We make integration easy. We deal with the communication, authentication and encryption details. We deal with retry and callback logic. You just drag an icon from a catalog into your process diagram and use it.

High Fidelity Integration

Two different databases, let alone two different CRM systems, offer distinct and useful features. Nintex Connectors preserve the unique look and feel of the systems you’re familiar with, and that employees comfortably use every day.

Watch Video: Extend Workflows to Social ChannelsWatch Video: Extend Workflows to Social Channels

Nintex Connectors Work In Hybrid Scenarios

Hybrid Scenarios

When a workflow involves processes in both Office 365 and on-premises SharePoint, Nintex Connectors easily handles this scenario. The same is true for workflows involving processes on multiple SharePoint sites.

Nintex Connectors Can Be Customized

Custom Connectors

We’re creating an ever-expanding catalog of connectors, but if you have unique requirements, our platform was designed to be extended. Add capabilities with custom web services, database-stored procedures, Windows Workflow Foundation activities, Excel formulas and more.

Nintex Connectors Let You Leverage The Cloud

Stay On-premises, Leverage the Cloud

Even if you’re exclusively using on-premises SharePoint, odds are that your processes involve content and people from cloud services and external organizations. Nintex allows on-premises solutions to easily and securely include cloud services and remote participants.

More Information

More Info

Nintex’s technology partners offer additional connections and capabilities for workflow solutions. Click on the following links to learn more about our catalogue of native and partner connectors.

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